October 2021.

Hallo,welcome to my site!

I was again selected to participate in the charity sales exposition organised by the association 111 des Arts in Paris.

The exposition will take place from November 16th to 21st 2021 in Paris.

My paintings, reserved for this exposition, are listed under the "Paris Match project".

These oil paintings are made on a collage of original vintage Paris Match papers from the late 50's.

The journal paper is prepared by a method developed by myself in order to carry the oil paint and also the resin which is applied to cover the art work.

In most of the cases the text and photos from the journal paper used for the collage are in relation to the person portrait.

From October 1st, several of my artwork is in exposition at the superb Brasserie Les Beaux Arts in the heart of Toulouse next to the Pont Neuf.

In case of any questions, please send me a mail to: eggerling.uwe@sfr.fr.

Uwe J.W.